Exceptional Street Food Scones

We’re a hot food stall

Serving uniquely homemade warm scones to enjoy directly from our stall.

Not just for summer

Christmas, Easter, Wimbledon… Our scones adapt to the moment, come sun or snow!

Scone and tea

There’s no better combination. We’ve tasted many leaves to ensure you get only the best brews.

OH, we’re vegan and environmentally friendly too!

Read below for more.

Baking a dream.

We’re Sam and Sylwia. Scone and tea lovers at heart.
With a dream of changing our lives for the better, we travelled the world sampling scones and tea from Singapore, China, India and of course, England.

Moving on many months (and many business ideas): we ambled and took in the glorious vibes of a street food event in Milton Keynes, munching on a handheld feast. Suddenly it hit us!

“Why not become a street food vendor?!”
The rest is history, Scone Quest was born.

As excited as could be, we baked tirelessly until we obtained a flavour that made our legs quiver. Pushing for savoury and sweet scones that so many people have never tasted before.
As you read this we’re still at it, baking enthusiastically with a number of stunning scones under our belt…


And we can’t wait for you to try them!

The Italian Stallion

Sun dried tomato and Mature Cheese with flavourful herbs. The Italians would be proud!

The Pasty Wonder (V)

Leek and Spring Onion with garlic.
Actually tastes like flavourful pasty crust, making it …

Terry be Proud (V)

Dark chocolate orange with zest.
Refreshingly tangy with hits of dark chocolate…

Eton Mess, Summer Special (V)

strawberry scone spread with meringue studded clotted…

We’re experimenting

More scones, tea and wonder to explore!

We do events!

We’re all ears, what’s your next event?

With gorgeously warm scones on offer, your guests and friends will love a unique taste for sure.
We’re open to all business events, parties and weddings… or more!

Upcoming events

28th July

World Picnic, Campbell Park
Milton Keynes

24th - 26th August

Foodie Festival, Frosts
Milton Keynes

8th September

The Local Foodie Festival, Rushmere Country Park
Heath and Reach

The Environment

We’re committed to making a difference
AND have gone a huge step further to offer you:

A site that shames palm oil products yet offers a palm free alternative, raising awareness to the many palm free products out there!
Visit often and make a big difference in your next shop. You can reduce your demand for rainforest deforestation right here!

We recycle our waste wherever possible

Soon, we’ll be raising money to charity. Check back again.

No plastic sold whatsoever. Even our Spring Water is canned!

Get in touch. We have tea!!

Events, media enquiries, scones, good vibes.
we’re here to talk.

Sam- 07548 884628
Sylwia- 07496 428237

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