We bake scones!

We bake scones!

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Great scones

Freshly baked savoury scone sets that satisfy with surprisingly good flavour combinations. Alluring sweet scones that taste as good as they look, maybe even better.

And we’re vegan friendly!

Scone and tea

There’s no better combination. We’re very passionate about tea and have tasted many leaves to ensure that you get only the best brews from our stall.

The environment

From a huge Redwood tree to the smallest Clown fish, mother nature is amazing, and she needs our help.
Through ongoing efforts, we aim to make a difference. We’ll also ensure to make all our research available, right here for you.

After all, we’re all in this together.

It’s all coming together

We’re an exciting mobile food vendor fresh to the scene, coming soon to an event near you!

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We’re all ears

For food related, media or booking enquiries, do get in touch:

07548 884628

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