Scones, oh glorious scones

Baked and tested

We never serve a scone unless we’re totally in love with them. That’s our motto!

Always warm

With a travelling oven, scones are always served fresh and warm.

Vegan clotted cream?

That’s right! As well as the normal cream, we’ve made the vegan stuff too. Our pleasure.


We bake in a kitchen where nuts linger about. All our scones may contain traces of them.


That’s right, scones aren’t just meant to be sweet, these savoury scones are incredibly nourish and full of flavour. Served with a variety of relishes and chutneys for the perfect light bite, or 2…3.
* (V) = vegan friendly

The Italian Stallion

Sun dried tomato and Mature Cheese with flavourful herbs. The Italians would be proud!

Best served with:
Melted cheese and roasted red onion chutney.

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Dairy – Gluten – Nut Traces

The Pasty Wonder (V)

Leek and Spring Onion.
Actually tastes like flavourful pasty crust, making it a very universal scone. This one amazed us.

Best served with
Melted butter with tomato and ale chutney

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Gluten – Nut Traces

Beetroot Ripple

Beetroot and feta flavoured with herbs.
This bejeweled scone combines the sweetness of beetroot with the tanginess of feta. One you can eat by itself!

Best served with
Tomato and ale chutney or simply with melted butter

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Dairy – Gluten – Nut Traces

El’ Mexicano

Jalapeño and cheese with Mexican flavours. Our firm favourite with a real kick!

Best served with:
Melted cheese, jalapenos and our homemade salsa

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Dairy – Gluten – Nut Traces


Let’s be honest, you’ll be looking at this list before checking out the savoury list. Rightly so!
We’ve broken the norm and to bring you flavours that hit and amaze!

Terry be proud (V)

Dark chocolate orange with zest.
Refreshingly tangy with hits of dark chocolate. Terry himself ought to be amazed!

Best served with:
Melted butter (soya available) and marmalade

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Dairy – Gluten – Nut Traces

Heavenly Chocolate

Double Belgian chocolate and Hazelnut.
Heavenly by name, heavenly by taste. The chocolate just melts away.

Best served with:
Clotted cream, raspberry jam or our special chocolate spread

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Dairy – Gluten – Nuts

The Nutty Maple Tree (V)

You guessed it, Maple and Pecan.
Light and soft with hints of caramel and added crunch.

Best served with:
Our special chocolate spread and clotted cream (vegan available)

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Gluten – Nuts

Eton mess, Summer Special (V)

Check this out, warm real strawberry scone spread with meringue studded clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Best served with:
Meringue, clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Allergens (scone alone)
Contains: Gluten – Nut Traces

We source for extraordinary flavour

Our Tea

By Twist Teas

Now we’re not going to sell just any ordinary tea you can get off the shelves, we’re Scone Quest after all!
Sitting back with with mug in hand, Twist blew us away like a leaf. We couldn’t be happier to stock their teas.

Our Spreads

By Jam Moo Kow

She grows her own fruit and veg, she’s local, and she makes incredible spreads. We should know after having sampled so many.

She runs cookery classes too so get in there quick!

Our Chocolate Spread

By The Chocolate Mill

Every chocolate spread out there contains the horrible palm oil ingredient (read more here). The Chocolate Mill have come to the rescue with a gorgeous bespoke spread.
It’s palm free, and it’s from all the preservative nasties… AMAZING!

Our suppliers are experts at what they do.
They’re obviously very happy to let us serve their delicious goods, so come by and have a taste for yourself. Check our events list.

The benefits? Supporting our local businesses.

Get in touch. We have tea!!

Events, media enquiries, scones, good vibes.
we’re here to talk.
Sam- 07548 884628
Sylwia- 07496 428237

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